City should take quick action to save Bienville Park

Published 6:05pm Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Although the Bienville Monument has been safely moved, Bienville Park remains a concern. Within the matter of months, the park, which is located on Water Avenue across from The Harmony Club, has severely sunken closer and closer to the Alabama River.

With the park being such a glaring eyesore, we’re surprised the city hasn’t pursued further action. In Tuesday’s regular council meeting, not one council member voiced concern about the park and its growing danger. With a sloped walkway sinking closer to a steep river embankment, the park poses a huge danger for all those who walk through it.

We encourage the council — especially Greg Bjelke, Ward 3 representative — to address this issue and make it a top priority for the city. For those visiting Selma, Bienville Park is one of the many main attractions in the downtown area, as it marks the first name of Selma — Ecor Bienville. As a city, we should take pride and care in our historical markers, not let them slowly sink into the Alabama River.

It is our hope that our city leaders will not brush off Bienville Park, but make it a top priority, for both safety and historical reasons.


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