Be kind to enemies always

Published 5:15pm Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I have met lot of good people in Selma. I mean very kind and generous people; and you know some of these people without my trying to list their names. These people, many times make me think less of what Selma has yet to have. That’s the power of love, and all of us need to be engulfed by it for our prosperity.

The verity is that how we treat people affects our plan regardless of how meticulous we are with making it. We should be overwhelmed with trying to do good to others, regardless of how bad they treat us. It is more beneficial to perceive wrong doings to us as an experience, than as a rationale to do evil or get even.

When you constantly react negatively to people who act differently towards you, you automatically give them control over your life. Amazingly, you can neutralize their evil ways through kindness. More over, when people behave differently, they most likely are going through hard times that may demand your attention, your help and action. Instead of immersing yourself in how you are going to get even, see how you can make the person smile or laugh.

Mercy and forgiveness are powerful tools for getting over people’s offenses against us. Trying to overcome evil with good is more than beneficial. It means standing up for what is right all the time — for by doing so you will be able to do what is best for yourself and for the people you work for. Standing up for what you believe is right may be uncomfortable at times, but the truth is that if you continue to persevere, your situation will change for the best.

It is my hope for Selma that we can resolve our community’s issues amicably so lessons will be learned and wrong doings will be neutralized. People should be able to separate my roles as a school board member from other roles. When policies are made, all we have to do is go along with it but still believe that the merciful will obtain mercy somehow. Regardless of how harsh a policy is, if you are person that dishes out love and mercy, love and mercy will follow you.

Occupying multiple positions with differing roles may lead to a role conflict; but as far as I’m concerned, there’s no role conflict in well doing. A well intended person is a well intended person; whether in a board room, classroom or off duty. Stand for right everywhere, every time; think less about revenge, show love and those people who have been cutting you short will be amazed at your growth and possibly learn from the simple plan you have for a better life. Please be kind and let’s demolish these awkward boundaries erected by cliques. Know also that your kindness may be questionable if you only help those in your clique.


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