Faith in fellow man restored

Published 10:38pm Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Editor,

I live on the somewhat busy Summerfield Road. Today as I was heading into town to the Memorial Service of a friend’s son, I saw a turtle slowly (of course) approaching the centerline of the road from my right. I dodged the little creature.

There was another car coming behind me … I hoped he dodged him, too. Then I saw a car coming from town and I sure hoped and said a silent prayer that the little pokey turtle would make it.

Coming back home, I held my breath until I topped the hill where the turtle was crossing. Alas, no crunched turtle road kill in the road. My faith in my fellow man was restored.

The memorial service I attended was for Lewie Rivers Crisman. I saw my friend who is his dad, Lewie, and was able to meet others related to Rivers as well as friends who grew up with him.

For those who do not know, Rivers was handicapped. I never knew the real diagnosis. Some say he would have been classified as autistic, had he lived at a later period in time.

Rivers learned to read quite quickly and loved Elvis and Superman and had a real Marine uniform, which he loved to put on. He brought joy to many lives in his 71 years.

It is a tribute to his parents, Lewie and Jean, to his other relatives, and to the institutions in Alabama which took such good care of him during his adulthood that he lived until age 71.

This also restored faith in my fellow man.

Thank you, Rivers, for touching my life.

Gail Box Ingram

Valley Grande

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