MCS head steps down

Published 10:03pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Headmaster for Meadowview Christian School, Miriam Anderson, said she is going to miss the Meadowview family the most as she takes a leap of faith and leaves the school behind for the next chapter of her life.

Anderson has devoted the last eight years to working at the school, several of them as a teacher and assistant headmaster and three of them as the headmaster for the school.

anderson_forwebIn her time looking over the school, Anderson said she has tightened policies on collecting tuition, created long-range fundraising calendars including community service initiatives for the students and said she has tried to make the school practice fiscal prudence.

She has also nurtured the growth of the athletics department where in her time as headmaster, the JV volleyball team won a state championship, the varsity boys basketball team went to the elite eight tournament this year, and both the baseball and softball teams advanced to tournaments at the state level this spring.

“We have made some strides with the help of an exceptional coaching staff of trying to turn an athletic program around that had kind of gone down a little bit,” Anderson said. “Academically we have got a richer offering of elective courses in the high school than we have had in a while and our test scores in elementary are as good as they have always been.”

She said the school put on its first play in fifteen years this week.

Bryan McIntyre, board member for the school, said he is sad to see Anderson leave and hopes to find someone to replace her quickly, “because she has done such a wonderful job.”

“We are in better shape now than when she came here, so I really hate to see her go,” McIntyre said. “We have already made some contacts and have been talking to some folks, so we hope we find someone [to replace her] within the next four or five days.”

Anderson said though she is not quite sure what she will be doing next, she is going out of her character and taking a leap of faith to resign.

“My son just graduated from Alabama and so that is less of a financial burden and I live in Prattville, Millbrook area and have to commute everyday,” Anderson said, adding she looks forward to no longer commuting. “I want to continue to work, I think I have something to offer in the educational field, but I would like to have some more time at home.”

Anderson was hired as headmaster under a three-year contract and said this is a logical time for her to leave.

She said her hope for the school is for all who are involved with the school to get behind and support her successor.

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