Juvenile makes quick get-away

Published 7:38pm Monday, May 13, 2013

A 17-year-old juvenile walked into the Dallas County Courthouse for a hearing related to a theft charge, but quickly made a grand exit. After being handcuffed on the second floor of the courthouse,  he fled the building and into the GWC Homes area before being captured. The escape from custody did little to help his case, and according to Randy Pugh, chief deputy for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, only added to his list of legal issues.

“He did get away from us, but we were able to get him back into custody pretty quickly,” Pugh said. “I know all he was able to accomplish by escaping was add to the charges he now faces.”

Pugh said the initial theft charges were filed by the city of Selma, but now the sheriff’s department has charged the unnamed juvenile with second-degree escape.

“This doesn’t happen very often at all, but when it has, we have been very lucky to have recaptured the individuals quickly,” Pugh said.

After being recaptured in the GWC Homes area, the juvenile was brought back to the Dallas County Courthouse, this time with a set of leg shackles.

The juvenile, which has remained anonymous due to his status as a juvenile, was charged and placed in the county’s juvenile detention center.

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