Give more attention to the good news

Published 8:18pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We should always welcome solutions for improvement because blame is a flame that lights up no solution. The positive thing people do in the time of need is better than just making blame. Did you know that each time students get into trouble, it is almost certain that, the school officials, blame the parents for improperly raising their child? Conversely, the parents also blame teachers for students’ inadequacies. While there are elements of truth in the argument, still there are good parents and good school officials that have continued to maintain a meaningful coalition.

Being apart when things fall apart, induces a setback. If reliable partnership is not formed now, then it will be formed in the future as a ‘neighborhood watch’ which struggles to curb crime resulting from lack of education. Effective collaboration is the rationalization that blame cannot undermine.

To be guileless, collaboration with the purity of intention is already going on in Selma City School, but bad news always takes the upper hand. The Annual Federal Program meeting held Thursday displayed commendable relationships between some parents, some community members, school system and city officials.

Good things are happening; and for the betterment of children, we should expend time glorifying the good. Those in authority are empowered to prevent non-conformities at all stages and also appreciate the people who have chosen to help the children.

Because of my belief, I have made a conscious effort to see the cup half full and not half empty when it comes to Selma and its schools. It is obnoxious to live in a place and saturate your mind only with the wrongs of the place. We have to lift up our head and start developing a better picture for our county, its schools, its businesses, its churches and etc. My eyes of faith are telling me that investors will be scrambling for a space to invest in Selma in the future.

Regardless, we definitely need fervent prayers now and wisdom from elders, spiritual and other experienced leaders. Mr. Hicks and the elected board accomplished a lot when we introduced prayer in our work sessions and meetings. It is a commendable humble positioning. All we are saying is that we are not the best; but when we get the best involved through prayer, best things happen.

Best things happening to the point that pronouns commonly used in Selma will be ‘we, and us. ‘They’ and ‘them’ used in fights will be perpetually abandoned. No more witch-hunts, no hurting others, no blaming, no degrading others to upgrade self; just love. Our system will enjoy diversity and will encourage members to be proud of whom God made them.

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