Can’t write without God’s word

Published 9:35pm Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I know that some people will never cease to wonder why I infuse God and his principles in my column. It is some people’s notion that for God-based articles or books to draw considerable attention, it has to be written by a pastor with a huge audience; I disagree.

A college friend called me from Texas lately and advised me to desist from God -based columns; but for me, whatever I write, accomplishes its purpose whenever one person is inspired or affected by positively. Astoundingly, I usually pray before writing and the outcome is no longer my prerogative.

Those familiar with my six books understand that my writing style started years before the Times-Journal embraced the column. I am not a preacher, but with pen and laptop, I will continue to inscribe columns that cuddle politics or leadership of love and hope. I am just an imperfect writer who believes that most, if not all; political opinions are superficial without God. The truth of the matter is that when we desire superfluity in what we quest for and do, God becomes of immense importance. To be effective as a fighter of certain issues, we need God.

A colleague on the school board once asserted, “You are a bad politician, that’s why nobody from both wards ran against you in the last election.”My response was that it was not by my power but by the power of the same God that shut the mouth of lions when Daniel was thrown into the lions den; the same God who opens a door that no person has the audacity, the capability, or the capacity to close; the same God that saw David’s objectivity and sent Samuel to anoint him as a leader to serve people and not to be an appalling politician.

The school board election is just one of the many great things that God has done, is doing, and will do for me that human stance or quest for more money and popularity are insufficient to make me compromise or dilute what I have been delegated to do. Our purpose is to please God and not man. People need love, peace, help, and encouragement everywhere.

I do not see how is it possible to constantly write about peace without bringing in the prince of peace; or write about growth for all, without involving or consulting the source that is no respecter of persons. I couldn’t write about love all the time and exclude God; or write about education and omit heavenly wisdom and understanding that perfect education. It is difficult to really write about hope without applying some principles of a God that holds our future. Friends and family, our potential is maximized when we serve God with our gifts and titles; and objectively defy our community’s challenges together.

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