Selma High should take closer look into teacher-student relationships

Published 8:13pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

While it’s disturbing to know that a teacher at Selma High School may have participated in inappropriate, criminal behavior with more than one student, we are glad that our police department has diligently pursued the matter and is seeking justice.

For educators, we believe there is a high moral standard that must be met. As a community, we need teachers that not only serve as educators but also role models. The behavior this teacher allegedly engaged in should not be tolerated, and we expect Selma City Schools to carry out just punishment and to also make a strong statement on its policies regarding the matter.

Our youth are our future, and they need strong role models to mold them and steer them on the right path. We hope that this was an isolated incident and no other inappropriate behavior is going on behind closed doors.

We encourage the Selma City School Board to investigate and determine if other similar relationships have been unlawfully going on at Selma High School.

From here, we believe the next step should be figuring out how to avoid a situation like this in the future.

If this is a reoccurring issue, maybe the school needs to take a closer look into the atmosphere in its classrooms and if teachers need to be monitored more closely. This sort of behavior has no room in our classrooms, and we expect it to end with this case.


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