Lessons learned in Selma, a farewell

Published 8:15pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

The end.

Whether it’s the end of a good book, the end of an exciting movie, or the finish of a tense football game, people often look to the end with fevered anticipation.

But not all endings are anticipated with complete excitement and joy.

The reason I say all of this is because Friday marked the end of my time as a member of the Times-Journal staff.

For nearly two years I’ve gotten to know countless people and write stories documenting the daily goings on of Selma.

Friday it came to an end, but that ending is bittersweet.

Soon I’ll move on to an exciting opportunity with the Alexander City Outlook, but at the same time, I’m sad to leave Selma behind.

For a lot of people, their first job is just that, a job. It’s just something they have to do in order to get by, and a time they’re not likely to remember or hold onto fondly.

The Selma Times-Journal was my first job after graduating from Troy University, and I can say with all honesty that my time in Selma is a time I’ll never forget, and for all the right reasons.

When I started working here in June of 2011, it didn’t take long for me to lose the nervous feeling that comes with moving to any unfamiliar place.

The people and the hospitality of Selma is like nowhere else I’ve ever been.

During my time at the STJ, I’ve come in contact with some of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

From the people I’ve interviewed, all the way to the random residents I encountered on a daily basis, Selma has been a welcoming place through and through.

Selma presented many challenges, and sometimes stress, but without a doubt, I can say at the end of the day my time here was more than worth it.

I’ve dealt in news, features, and sports, and each avenue has presented some lifelong memories.

Most people know me as the ‘sports reporter’ of the STJ, and I have to say, my time covering sports here is one of the things I’ll remember the most.

As a journalist, you’re supposed to take a neutral stance in all you cover, but I have to admit, I found myself wishing the county’s various teams well in many competitions, simply because I wanted to see good come to the community.

The longer I lived in Selma and Dallas County, the more I came to root for this community and the people who inhabit it.

Selma has so much to offer, so much good to give, and I’m thankful I got to experience this community.

To the STJ staff — Sarah, Ashley, Katie, Tim, Karen, Michelle, Fred and everyone — thanks for being such great co-workers, and more importantly, people I will always consider my friends.

To everyone I’ve crossed my paths with during my time in Selma, I just want to thank you.

Thank you for welcoming me into this community, and thanks for all the kindness you’ve given me these past two years. It’s an experience, and a community, I’ll never forget.

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