Dr. Park ‘comes home’ to Selma

Published 4:31pm Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vaughan Regional Medical Center recently welcomed orthopedic surgeon H. John Park, M.D. back into its medical family. Park is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and will open his practice in Selma, Monday April 15. Park’s office, West Central Alabama Orthopedics, is located on the third floor of the Vaughan Medical Tower.

Park worked at Vaughan Regional from 2007 to 2010, and said when he left it was because he and his wife Sammi wanted to, “see if there was something better out there.”

Park worked in Leesville, La., for three years and said it wasn’t what he expected.

“I wasn’t as busy as I wanted, and also they had two other orthopedists,” he said. “So the orthopedic environment was not ideal. I think I function best and I’m happiest when I’m the only orthopedist in town.”

About a year before Park’s contract was up in Leesville, he said knew he was ready to move somewhere else, and had several interviews and offers from hospitals across the country including those in Minnesota, Arkansas and New York.

He also had an interview in Selma.

“When I heard that there was an opening again [in Selma], I was really excited,” Park said. “When I came here to interview I was so excited, everybody was so welcoming. I knew all the doctors and everything.”

When Park accepted the job, he said the doctor that preceded him had a great reputation and he knew he would have big shoes to fill.

“I wasn’t worried,” he said with a smile, “But I wanted to be 10 times better than before.”

Park said one thing that helped make the decision to come back to Selma an easy one, was the fact that they still had their house here in town.

“It really worked out in my favor,” he said. “I’m so grateful and it means a lot that I am welcomed back by all the physicians and everyone I worked for.”

Park said being back in Selma is like he never left.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Park back to the Selma community as well as the Vaughan medical family,” Merrill South, director of community relations at Vaughan Regional said. “As we at Vaughan Regional strive to continue to make the communities we serve healthier, orthopedic care is a tremendous asset for our patients and their families.  We are pleased to continue to provide quality patient care to the people of Selma and west central Alabama.”

Park said he felt called to practice in a small town to a place like Selma where he could really make a difference.

“I wanted to be some kind of special doctor and serve the community. I love all the patient populations here,” he said. “I feel like I’m really helping the community and making a difference. So that was really a big reason that I wanted to come back.”

Park added that he is excited to begin working with his crew and staff again, noting they are all hard workers and people he truly admires.

“Looking back, it’s like I’ve now come full circle. It’s like I’m meant to come back to Selma,” Park said. “My wife and I are really happy and feel like we belong to this place. It’s like it’s meant to be.”

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