Selma is the best in Spring

Published 5:41pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

Although I grew up in the North where it wasn’t unusual to get a few snow flurries in April, I’ve become accustomed to the South’s warm weather. I’ve found myself counting down the months till the days become long and flip-flops are once again an acceptable form of footwear.

To me, there’s nothing better than spending the entire day out in the sun with friends and family either grilling burgers or relaxing by the pool. And while we may have some April showers in our forecast, I’m happy to say that Selma has no shortage of fun outlets to spend these upcoming warm spring days.

While I’ve always enjoyed quiet jogs through Old Town and Bloch Park, I’ve recently discovered the peace and serenity that Old Live Oaks Cemetery has to offer. Walking through the cemetery, flooded with trees draped in Spanish moss, I can’t help but be in awe of Old Live Oak’s beauty. Around every corner you will find trees and shrubbery vibrant with color as flowers begin to bloom. Looking at the old monuments dedicated to war heroes long gone, you can almost see history come alive before your eyes. And if you’re fair skinned like me and can only get a tan from a spray bottle, the cemetery offers a shaded area to escape the sun’s rays.

And Selma’s warm month outlets don’t end there. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to ride a bike through Old Cahawba and discover Alabama’s first state capitol in a new light. Cahawba offers bikes, which are free to use, between noon and 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Why not take advantage of this frugal activity? I encourage all residents to venture to Old Cahawba this spring and ride on its dirt roads lined with old Antebellum mansions — maybe even bring a bagged lunch and make a picnic out of it.

I’m sure there are other fun outdoor activities in Selma that I have yet to experience. I hope the city takes advantage of our beautiful scenery this summer and uses our natural surroundings to attract visitors. It’s no secret that tourism is one of our major money makers and I believe with everyone spending their days outdoors, we can really showcase how great it is to be in Selma during the warm months.

So get your SPF ready and ditch the sweaters and long sleeves, because Jack Frost has left Selma and warmer days are in our future.


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