More college graduates should stay

Published 8:14pm Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nothing is more powerful than the truth and whoever embraces it, becomes free. It’s no fallacy that when a place constantly sends college graduates to other communities, it categorically capitulates to the competition of human and intellectual capitals.

Investing in education is like planting a seed. During harvest, filtering or sifting becomes essential to profitability. It is a blessing that a place of this size has colleges like Concordia College, Selma University, Wallace Community College and Judson College. Blessings become absolute when these graduates stay in the area.

I know a consulting firm here in Selma that does not charge a fee for advising college students or recent college graduates who wish to open a business in Selma. When trained and skilled workers are encouraged to stay in this community, they apply their skills and spend their money here.

The recruitment of college graduates is becoming extremely competitive with the realization that the communities with lower than average educational opportunities are being swallowed by communities with average and above educational outlets.

There are factors in a community that attract or make college students remain in the area. I know that quality of life is a factor. These young individuals are drawn to sound recreational activities like nice movie theaters, shopping centers, parks, restaurants and churches. While these factors are important, the most important by far is career opportunities. Without dollar through the availability of job, college graduates or other assets are unlikely to stay.

Cost of living, which I believe is low in Selma, is another factor that draws people. Peace, which we are all responsible for, and political stability are factors that can exert a pull on any person. Established organizations in Selma should be more open to internships for their graduates. It is a proven fact that more than 63 percent of graduates who interned in a particular place decide to stay in that area.

Love and giving, also boom and make a place alluring. My bible agrees and affirms in this manner, “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.”

If a place or person is lacking in love, still vital multiplying and proliferating factor is missing. Antonymous to love is enviousness which is an enemy of growth; it clogs up the line of prosperity and denies people the benefits that abound in giving and loving one another.

Good educational system draws too; education and economic development need each other in order to ensure that the stream of prosperity flows steadily. When we all adequately invest in education, we enhance the production of assets.


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