Tax raid details sealed

Published 7:14pm Friday, March 29, 2013

More than one week after the IRS raided two tax businesses in Selma, the affidavits that contain information as to why they were raided have not been released to the public.

Money Tax on Broad Street and E-Tax on Highland Avenue were investigated last Thursday when IRS officers loaded their vehicles with boxes confiscated from the two locations.

A special agent for the IRS, Dawn Kirkpatrick, confirmed the IRS conducted a search and obtained a warrant, “based on what we have on their filing history.”

No one was taken into custody and no charges were filed, as it was just an investigation.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Mobile confirmed the affidavits for the two cases were still sealed.

This means customers of both E-Tax and Money Tax will not know official reasons of why investigators had probable cause to go in with a search warrant.

Kirkpatrick said in general investigations are done prior to the search warrant.

““We have to be sure of what we are doing,” Kirkpatrick said. “Then we have to have probable cause to go in and do the search warrant based on if they have conducted some kind of criminal act.”

Dawn said customers should not be worried because they are, “not in trouble because they used the business.”

If customers were to be interviewed, she said, it would be because they are witnesses, not in trouble with the IRS.

“If they filed a tax return and they got money on a refund then they were not entitled to then they would still be required to pay that money back,” Kirkpatrick said.

If customers were in the process of filing a return, they could contact the businesses if they needed to obtain records they gave to either Money Tax or E-Tax.

The businesses would know, Kirkpatrick explained, whether or not they still have those records.

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