Garbage transition still under way

Published 7:18pm Monday, March 11, 2013

Now more than one month in, the transition from a city garbage system run by the public works department in Selma to one run by Advanced Disposal, a private company, has run smoothly overall, according to Lynn Gowan who works in marketing and government affairs for Advanced Disposal.

“So far so good,” Gowan said and mentioned Advanced Disposal is still trying to work through some of the billing problems. Some of the homes that were previously utilizing back door services had to be re-indentified, Gowan said.

He agreed that he was impressed with the overall transition and thought that, “with the information [Advanced Disposal] had, the transition went as good as expected.

“There have been a few wrinkles in trying to identify all of the people who use backdoor services,” Gowan said. “But other than that, all things considered, it has gone very well.”

While the transition occurred on Feb. 1, as of Jan. 24 only 200 residents had signed up for the new service. The city first asked all residents to sign up for the new service, but once the city realized how few people had signed up, Advanced Disposal decided to send out bills to those currently on the billing list.

Advanced Disposal said it would be awhile before they changed the garbage routes, “See if a change would make them more efficient,” Gowan said at a community forum on the trash change in January. On Monday he said the company hasn’t gotten that far into the transition yet but “Some of the routes might eventually get tweaked.”

He said the community could help ease the transition by paying their bills and calling them with any questions or concerns at 866-252-0458.

  • popdukes12

    I’m hearing (on Facebook) that the commercial pick ups in the downtown areas are behind schedule, and business owners are getting a lot of “smart mouth” when they call about it. pops

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