Mother, son face charges

Published 8:58pm Saturday, March 9, 2013

A victim at Vaughan Regional Medical Center in late February was able to identify his attacker. What resulted from the investigation and the search was a Selma man and his mother being arrested and placed in the Dallas County Jail.

On Feb. 28, officials with the Selma Police Department responded to Vaughan, where they met an assault victim, who had suffered trauma to his face. Reportedly during the assault, the victim was struck in his face with an unknown object.

The attack left the victim unconscious at times, but before being transported to Montgomery for additional treatment, the victim was able to describe his attack and provide details on his attacker.

“During the day, the victim spoke further with our detectives,” Selma Chief of Police William T. Riley said. “During those discussions and through other parts of the investigation, we were able to identify a suspect.”

That suspect who was identified was 37-year-old Damon Kanard Hooks.

Wednesday morning, just before 9 a.m., officers and detectives with the Selma Police Department went to a home on the 500 block of Selma Avenue in an attempt to locate Hooks. Once at the home, Riley said authorities took up positions surrounding the home.

“When detectives knocked on the front door, a black female identified as Della Ruth Harrison came out of the back door of the residence with a pill bottle,” Riley said. “Ms. Harrison took the pill bottle and placed it behind a piece of tin on the side of the home.”

Riley said that Harrison was unaware of the detectives who were observing the house and “watching her every move.”

“Detectives were able to locate the suspect, Mr. Hooks, inside the home and they also arrested Ms. Harrison — who is Mr. Hooks’ mother,” Riley said. “In the pill bottle outside, detectives found several pieces of suspected crack cocaine.”

Hooks was charged with second degree assault and two counts of theft third. He was placed in the Dallas County Jail under a bond of $204,000. It was also discovered Hooks had a pending warrant from the town of Maplesville for theft third degree.

As for Harrison, 62, she was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and received a $500,000 bond due to “past criminal history” and placed in the Dallas County Jail.

  • Selma resident

    These are all lies the viticim is not the viticim …. The viticim waited on this man in the article to come outside the club with an table leg and struck him… He was actin in self defense …. From my understanding there were eye witness that witness this the Hooks guy is the viticim … Now when is defending yourself is a assault …I pray this is a miss print… People don’t be to quick to listen to the Spd the are crooks including the Chief….

    • letmefindout

      but the hooks gut kept beating him after the victim was unconscious

  • captain113

    way to go s.p.d.

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