Dallas County welcomes new green industry, ALGIX

Published 8:08pm Saturday, February 23, 2013

We can all agree that new industry is a good thing for our local economy, and we hope that with the establishment of ALGIX, LLC, a green-initiative company, more jobs and revenue will be generated for Selma and Dallas County.

John Dekker, ALGIX executive sales manager, met with local city and county officials Friday to announce the industry’s move to the area and explain exactly what ALGIX produces.

Dekker explained that through an environment-friendly process, the company takes dried algae, compounds it, and makes it into usable plastic pellets.

These pellets are then sold to agricultural, packaging, horticultural and industrial companies for practical purposes. This is a new industry, Dekker said, and the company is trying to make the process more wide-spread.

On behalf of Selma, we welcome this new green business to the area and we thank them for choosing Dallas County as home. We hope that ALGIX will not only produce more jobs for the area, but will encourage other green industries to locate themselves in Selma too.

We also commend local officials for taking the time to welcome ALGIX to the area. Friday, a host of city and county officials could be seen at the Centre for Commerce, welcoming this new industry to the area.

We hope ALGIX has a very bright future in Dallas County.


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