Selma High teacher, student relationship under investigation

Published 12:24am Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Selma Police Department is investigating an alleged inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher at Selma High School.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Selma Chief of Police William T. Riley said he along with the District Attorney and Selma High School Superintendent Gerald Shirley are looking in to the matter.

“The person involved was a female teacher and a male student,” Riley said. “Right now we’re in the preliminary part of the investigation and trying to determine if anything inappropriate occurred.”

Riley said the investigation began after the student’s mother came forth with information regarding the alleged relationship.

“As a parent, she was concerned and it was something she wanted us to look in to so that’s what we’re doing,” Riley said. “We can’t say if there has been inappropriate actions [between the student and teacher], but it is something that has been brought to our attention.”

District Attorney Michael Jackson said he is aware of the situation and a thorough investigation is being held.

“There’s things that have to be looked at,” Jackson said. “There’s some evidence that needs to be checked out. The Selma Police Department is investigating this and the school I would assume.”

Because of the nature of the situation, Riley said he could not comment on specific details of the allegation. He said the student is in his “late teens.”

“The mother has some concerns on some issues she’s brought to us and we’re going to look into seeing if any violation of law has occurred.”

Shirley said he is also aware of the allegation and the school is investigating the matter.

  • Kimesha Sunshine Alvarado

    Heck, it’s a tradition in Selma! Teachers and students dating! What about male teachers that dated students! Its really sad, but it all should be investigated! I’ve been hearing this for some years now about this particular situation! Shout out to the mother! Alot of parents congratulate their boys for this kinda thing! Shout out to the mother that understand what molestation is!! I pray for all in this situation because really they need therapy!!

    • A Parent

      Great response. I too agree teacher needs help. There to educate. What is happening is so sad. Grown women coming on to these young boys. Find a man if you need something that bad and stop messing up lives

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