Girls Alliance empowers women to succeed

Published 8:40pm Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Those adults from the baby boom generation frequently talk about how young people today have no respect and manners for their elders and do not work as hard as they once did. And those from the baby boom generation in Selma are no exception to opposing how young people carry themselves today.

As an example, the city of Selma even has a “no sagging pants code,” that is often enforced by public officials.

But apart from those complaining about why young people are the way they are, one Dallas County resident and baby boomer is reaching out to invest her life into the younger generation that she says has strayed from manners and respect.

Chellette Henderson from Minter said she created Girls Alliance after passing out flyers at a recent foot wash where she saw how poorly young girls dressed and carried themselves. Seeing this made her want to remind girls that they all are princesses and increase their self-worth.

“During our first session of Girls Alliance we had a group discussion about whatever happened to manners and respect,” Henderson said, explaining that the discussion then turned into an emotional discussion that involved boys apologizing to the girls in the room. “It’s had such a great outpouring and effect. I asked the boys why they insist on using a [foul] word to describe girls. One boy apologized for using the word and then we went around to each young man that was in that group to apologize and all of the young girls in there were crying.”

She said she identified to the young students in the class the areas in the world where manners are no longer visible, things like opening doors, she said and saying please and thank you.

“Those really simple things are now missing and you wouldn’t believe it,” Henderson said, “we want to empower girls to handle life’s issues; to accomplish their goals and to keep on dreaming in order to succeed in life. We believe with the help of mentors, girls can learn to make the right choices relating to education, morals, ethics and relationships with family, friends, the community and more.”

To learn about the Girls Alliance or Boys Alliance call Chellette Henderson 872-4335.

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