Selma has great name recognition

Published 8:31pm Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When strength becomes conspicuous and acknowledged, what to do with it becomes clearer.

Selma has multiple strengths. Last week I received phone calls from two individuals who live in Texas and New York. Surprisingly, both called to share the same news even though they do not know each other. They called to tell me that during President Obama’s inaugural speech that Selma was mentioned and that quickly brought me to their mind because I live in Selma.

Their calls, particularly when they do not know each other, made me explore and decipher the significance of Selma being mentioned during a presidential speech. My conclusion is Selma has name recognition.

Consequently, we may have to solicit more of President Obama’s financial succor on matters relative to Selma and education. I know he wouldn’t wonder where in the world is Selma, for he knows Selma very well. I’m not trying to be funny here for I know that Selma’s name recognition will yield some colossal harvests if approached strategically.

Name recognition is consequential if it benefits others around you. For instance, I’m the only one without name recognition on the Selma City School Board, but I gain from my fellow members’ popularity and influence.

It’s been great to have friends with name recognition, here, on earth and in heaven too. I don’t mean to be caught up, only, with name recognition, but it is essential to note that a good name will take us farther than name recognition; so we’ll keep doing our best in our assignments, respecting and loving all people, be at peace with ourselves and all people, forgive appropriately, desist from actions of hate and revenge, be honest, do not hide our talent, be diligent and not timid with our gifts, for usually at the right time, they get the attention of those who really matter.

On Jan. 31, I informed Mrs. Jacqueline Lucy’s arts class that not all will become a mayor, governor or president, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and so on, but if they come to school regularly, respect other people, stay away from bullying, do their homework, stay away from gangs, put God first, then success will be obvious. It was my observation that Mrs. Lucy’s class knew, and learned more from the presenters on, the fact that what’s more important is what kinds of human beings are having these name recognition.

Research has shown schools that implement effective character education, have lower dropout rates, higher academic achievement and fewer disciplinary issues.

Pardon me if all I write about Selma is the positive because that may be my role. I learned as a child that no food tastes better than my mama’s. We live in Selma; we’ll support Selma.

  • MO-OF-IT

    Expect censorship when it’s free….. You always get what you pay for!

    For example the above ramblings are provided free to this fine publication…. My point is made.

    Keep Hope Alive

  • popdukes12

    You had the making of a good piece here, before you started preaching. pops

    • Kimesha Sunshine Alvarado

      LOL…you’re a mess! Whew, I’m tickled. I’m glad they allow us to blog again!!

      • popdukes12

        Some of mine make it through. I put one up the other day on the Trustmark bank and something popped up saying “monitored” or something like that and it never made it in. I put one up a few minutes ago on the $7,400 to Orrville, and it didn’t make it either.

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