Miss Selma High title, pageant returns to the school

Published 10:03pm Friday, February 1, 2013

For the first time in years, a young lady will be crowned Miss Selma High School this season.

Shonda Hobbs, an English instructor at Selma High School, decided to bring the pageant back and use it to inspire the young girls at school to have class, grace and many other qualities.

“My goal in life is to not only inspire my students to become scholarly individuals, but to connect more deeply with each of them and build an unshakable foundation for realizing dreams and goals,” Hobbs said. “At Selma High School, I wanted to create an event that would enable the young ladies to partake in an experience that would promote confidence, class, grace and self-esteem.”

On Saturday, Feb. 23, Hobbs will coordinate the Miss Selma High School pageant, which will include an opening number she is choreographing for the participants, an evening gown competition and also a portion of the pageant where the participants will answer questions and speak in front of an audience.

Girls in grades 9–12 are invited to participate in the event but must pay a $15 entry fee and attend practices the day prior to the pageant. Entry forms can be found in Hobbs’ classroom or at the front desk of the school.

“I just that I think this is an event that everyone should try to do, even if you think that you are not that type of person,” Hobbs said about girls who are hesitant about signing up. “This is something that you should try outside of the box and get out of your comfort zone.”

  • popdukes12

    When did “class, grace ” start being considered “outside the box” ? That’s sad. Pops

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