School systems make right choice for students’ safety

Published 10:16pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

When potentially dangerous weather threatens Dallas County, we count on our city and county school officials to make quick, thoughtful decisions.

And while we are thankful that Wednesday’s storm systems didn’t bring any severe damage, we are also thankful that local school officials took quick and precise action in deciding whether or not to delay class.

After speaking with several school officials — both public and private — it was evident that these school systems had plans already in place for handling severe weather. Close contact was made with Dallas County Emergency Management Agency director Rhonda Abbott, and we commend Abbott and school officials for having such a cohesive relationship. Without their cooperation, information would not be as easily conveyed.

Also, it was made evident Tuesday officials were already anticipating severe weather and considering what action to take, as the EMA — and the National Weather Service — held weather briefings Tuesday, inviting representatives from each of the area school systems and private schools.

We encourage more behavior such as Wednesday’s to take place. Decisions like these not only affect students, but parents and families. We hope school officials continue to perfect their severe weather plans and keep the best interests in mind for Selma and Dallas County.


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