Thursday marks final day to switch garbage service

Published 10:39pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The time for when the city garbage system will transition over to the private company, Advanced Disposal is now on a countdown. As of Friday, Feb. 1 all bills for garbage services should be paid to Advacned Disposal.

Because garbage trucks do not run on Friday, when the transition will occur, those who regularly get their garbage picked up on Mondays will be the first to start in the Advanced Disposal rotation.

While both the city and the new company for garbage tried to get those in the city to sign up for the new service ahead of the first rotation, only 200 signed up.

“We have changed our strategy all together and now we are just sending everybody their bill,” Lynn Gowan with Advanced Disposal said. “We are taking the billing list that the city had and that’s who we are sending bills. “

As for change, the company decided that things transition more smoothly with things changing as little as possible. So Advanced Disposal will be running the same routes that residents in Selma are used to.

“We are going to run the same routes the same way starting on Monday,” Gowan said. “We encourage everybody to put their cart out the night before. Tthat way we know everyone will have their cart out when we come by no matter what time.”

But the Advanced Disposal drivers will be going out in new trucks this week and riding with the city drivers so that they can try and match the times the city came and picked up trash. This way there is less confusion for residents.

“The city drivers are actually going to be riding with our drivers for the first week to make sure that we know where we are going,” Gowan said.

Selma Mayor George Evans has promised that no city employees will lose their jobs because of the transition. As for the city drivers, they will be going around the city helping with various tasks that include picking up trash — just not from residential carts on the curbside anymore.

“We are hoping this will be a positive thing for the city and everybody will respond and do what they’re supposed to do,” Gowan said this week. “We look forward to being the cities provider.”

For questions about the transition, contact Advanced Disposal (866) 252-0458 and speak with customer service.

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