Questions remain on several issues regarding the city’s switch to Advanced Disposal, a private garbage system.The new system will begin Feb. 1. -- file photo

City addresses billing questions in new garbage service

Published 8:37pm Saturday, January 26, 2013

As the city garbage system transitions into a private company, Advanced Disposal, there are still questions as to how the collection of bills that are not paid to Advanced Disposal will be enforced.

According to a spokesman from Advanced Disposal, Lynn Gowan, once the resident has not paid their bill after the 15th of each month, their garbage cart will be picked up.

“If they have not paid, we will go pick up their cart and once we have done that we will turn that address over to the city code enforcement and the city will take over after that,” Gowan said.

He also addressed that Advanced Disposal would first exhaust all of their efforts in trying to collect a payment.

“They will be called and they will be sent letters,” Gowan said. “They get a notice in the mail and then we call them.”

There is a $25 reinstatement fee for residents to get their garbage cart back after it has been collected from the street.

In a community forum with Mayor George Evans and Advanced Disposal, one resident asked what would happen if they did not pay their fee due to poor service.

“You would still go to court for not paying the fee,” city attorney Jimmy Nunn said in the meeting. “But that would be your defense in court – that you were not happy with the service.”

It is still unclear, however, it attempts to contact the city code enforcement office, the tax and license department and the mayor’s office whether or not the citations for failure to pay the garbage fee will be written to the property owner or the resident in the home.

  • captain113

    it is the person living in the ( HOUSE) who pays the fine

    • popdukes12

      Captain 113: I think what will get interesting is where you have a multiple unit dwelling and they only use one (or two) overflowing garbage bins. Splitting the cost on a garbage service is a common practice. With only 200 customers being signed up in the entire city, there sounds like there is a lot of implementation work to be done. The company said it is going to use the current customer list to install new bins which would accept the current situation where multiple households are using a common bin. I doubt if anyone ever compared the garbage customer list to the client list for water or electrical services. pops

  • popdukes12

    One would “go to court for not paying the fee”, I have to wonder if that would be under a “theft of services” charge, or a “violation of city ordinance” for not having proper garbage collection service? It also sounds like you received the usual city hall runaround in attempting to find out who would “catch the charge”. Under the Code of Alabama, section 35-9A-301 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit. It state in item (3) that the tenant is responsible for garbage collection. This is in Article 3 of the 2012 “Residential Landlord and Tenant Act” for Alabama. By looking at the number of customers that have not signed up, they must be under the impression that you can’t be charged for not paying a fee if you never signed up for a service to start with. pops

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