Committee OK’s new signage for Walton Theater

Published 11:03pm Thursday, January 17, 2013

Signage for the front of the Selma Walton Theater was partially approved by the Selma Historic Development Commission on Thursday, when members voted 4-3 to approve the sign on a particular basis.

Architect for the Selma Historic District Commission, Richard Hutchens said he would work with the managers of the Selma Walton Theater, Dr. David and Sharon Jackson, on the placement of the blue, backlit sign they purchased to advertize movie show times.

“If people are driving their car through the intersection [of Lauderdale Street and Selma Avenue] and they are looking over at the sign are we creating another problem or remedying the problem,” commission member Chris Searcy asked at the meeting, in regards to the problem at the theater that parents are stopping traffic in their cars to let their children jump out and check movie show times at the theater door.

In a previous meeting about the sign, the color and style of the sign — a blue sign — members of the commission said the sign was not in good taste and city ordinance states that before any changes are made, the owner of the building must approve the sign. The owner of the theater is the city of Selma.

Hutchens suggested the sign be placed on the corner by the theater and on the ground, not mounted on a pole or on the building. Allen Reeves, commission member, made a motion to approve the sign on that basis — that Hutchens work with the Jacksons and place the sign on the ground and on the corner, as long as the sign was approved by public safety officials to not be a traffic hazard in the intersection.

  • Nancy Bennett

    The name of our local architect is Richard B. Hudgens. It’s really nice to be sure the spelling of names is correct.

  • Tim Reeves

    Pops, thanks. It should have been Lauderdale and Selma. Then again, a sign at Lapsley might help as well.

    • popdukes12

      There is a nice big lot there, but you’ll make a few on the historic commission have a stroke. pops

  • popdukes12

    “Lapsley St. and Selma Ave.” ? what in the world would a sign be doing way down there? pops

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