Ballard deserves appreciation

Published 8:52pm Thursday, January 17, 2013


s I approach my half-year mark of being a Selma resident I have to say, I have developed a deep love for the place we call the butterfly capital.

And with that love comes great appreciation for those who love Selma just as much as I do, if not more. Probate Judge Kim Ballard is one of those people. After attending many county commission meetings, it is not only evident that Ballard is a good probate judge, but that he also loves Dallas County and wants the best for its residents.

As I witnessed Ballard take his oath in a packed Dallas County courtroom Monday evening, I realized how lucky we are to have such a hard-working individual in office. It’s also obvious that many other residents feel the same way, as many attended his swearing in ceremony.

Since I’ve been here, which hasn’t been very long, I’ve seen Judge Ballard, along with the other members of the Dallas County Commission, pass countless resolutions and approve several projects that all strive for the betterment of Selma and Dallas County. It’s apparent through their hard work and dedication that they are constantly searching for ways to improve our county and address its problems.

After Judge Bob Armstrong swore Ballard in for another six-year term, commissioner Connel Towns expressed how appreciative he is of Ballard’s positive leadership. His words, I thought, spoke loudly on Ballard’s character.

“It took getting under your wing and listening to your advice that really gave me the push I needed to be a great commissioner,” Towns said. “I really appreciate it and I am sad to see that this is your last term.”

Commissioner Curtis Williams also voiced his opinion on Ballard’s hard work and service to Dallas County, saying that he couldn’t think of a better man to serve as probate judge.

“Judge Ballard has showed great leadership and I’m proud to call him my judge,” Williams said. “Before everything else, before being probate judge, he is a man of God, and I believe that is what makes him such a strong leader.”

As a city and county, we should take time to show appreciation for strong leaders like Judge Ballard, who is just one of the many hard-working county officials. I have no doubt that he’ll carry out his next six years of service like he did the last, with diligence and perseverance.

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