Saints nearing goal for new uniforms

Published 6:17pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Selma High School has been fundraising for new band uniforms since the summer of 2012 and Selma High’s band director, Brandon Williams, said they are on track to have new uniforms by August of this year.

The Marching Saints have been using old uniforms for years and Williams said it is absolutely time for something new.

“The uniforms we have right now are about 11 years old,” said Williams.

One band uniform costs $500, and Williams said he plans to get about 60 new uniforms with both the funds provided from parents and from fundraisers the students have been involved with.

“We did quite a few fundraisers with the battle of the bands,” Williams said. “We did two jazz extravaganzas — we did one Selma Jazz Extravaganza and then we did a Christmas Jazz Extravaganza and both of them did pretty well.”

Williams said the majority of funds were raised through fundraising, but that some students have parent’s who plan to pay for their uniforms out of pocket.

“The parents, they have stuck with us, they came through for us and it’s looking real decent to make sure we have the uniforms in August,” Williams said. “As of right now [the funds] are not all raised yet, but like I said, it’s looking real, real good that we’ll be able to get the uniforms that we need by August.”

Selma High is ordering their new uniforms through a company called Stanbury, and Williams said the company will be at the school Thursday to measure the students for their new uniforms.

“The company comes down and measures the student for their sizes to make sure the uniform fits like it’s supposed to. They have to make each person a uniform,” he said. “And because we have of course, our logo on the uniform, it’s going to take some time to make each uniform. That’s why we’re trying to order them early, so we’ll be able to get them by the first game.”

Williams said the new uniforms will have a whole new look and be more in style of today’s band uniforms but said he didn’t want to give away any details.

“I would rather for it just to be a surprise because not many people have seen it,” he said.

Williams and them Marching Saints plan to continue fundraising throughout the spring semester and into the summer, to have all the money needed for the new uniforms come August.

“Everyone really wants to get in the uniform right now, but of course that’s not possible. We’re going to keep on working, keep on doing fundraising,” Williams said. “It’s going to come to fruition.”

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