Emphasis on communication this new year

Published 6:19pm Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let’s endeavor to make this New Year a year of increased positive networking and association. I define positive networking as a person’s ability to strategically position themself for the purposes of making meaningful contacts. Based on this definition, one can easily conclude that an effective network is needed for growth. Who or what we are closely associated with, to a large extent, determines who we become.

Three relevant questions must be answered before acknowledging that your network is effective:

Does the network sharpen, strengthen and keep you current on issues? Does it promote growth among all participants? Does it provide you with  a supportive group?

Networking can be available through face-to-face contacts, online, snail mail, telephoning, webinar, texting and other methods of sharing information. What’s more important is the fact that vital information is exchanged.

It is essential to note that good networking costs small amounts in comparison to the huge benefits. Some reliable networks provide seven days a week, telephone number that is accessible by their members.

Some ask for fees and some ask for offerings to help them offset their necessary bills. Some investors utilize networking in gathering information on the best products available at a particular time.

I am a member of some professional and spiritual organizations; I know their benefits and I encourage us to make this year a year of beneficial connections.

What is necessary is not just becoming a member of thousands of organizations but it is becoming affiliated to people who really care about you and your betterment; people who also feed you with relevant information.

People process information differently and it is essential that you recognize all options available to you. Some people prefer face to face discussions; some prefer telephone information; some prefer reading from a hard copy; and some prefer texting or faxing. Seeres prefer visual information; hearers prefer auditory information; and feelers prefer to meet to discuss information.

I desist from telling people what not to join; but you determine the benefits of an entity by its effects on mankind in general and to the entire community.

You can join the ‘Association of People who eat government inspected meat.’ or ‘The Alliance of Those who Believe that with God all Things are Possible.” or “Coalition of those who Believe that God is greater than all their problems” or “The People who believe that nothing is over until God says so.”

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