Where was the outrage about gun getting into Selma High?

Published 4:08pm Saturday, January 12, 2013

It’s no wonder the Selma City School Board is moving their monthly meetings back to the board room at their central office.

During Thursday’s meeting at Selma High School’s auditorium, a dozen or so turned out for the meeting, with just three taking the time to address the board; and one of those was the AEA representative who engaged the board in a lengthy discussion.

There was one mother who questioned a school policy at School of Discovery and another citizen who addressed the board on the top of school safety.

That was it.

This marked the first regular board meeting for the school board since a loaded, chrome-plated handgun was found on the campus of the new, and technologically-advanced Selma High School; a school that was supposed to have strict safety designs and advancements.

And yet, there were only three people who addressed the board and only one who discussed school safety.

Where was the outrage? Where as the Parent-Teacher Organization demanding answers from the board and school officials? Where was the student-government association representatives asking for stronger safety measures?

We do thank the board for organizing a meeting with local law enforcement, security company and school leaders last week and we hope their meeting proves productive.

But while we are thankful the system appears to be taking steps to tighten security, the question of how the gun got on campus remains unanswered.

Let’s hope parents get involved and that solutions are found to ensure our community’s most valuable resource — our children — are properly protected.

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