New officers bring fresh faces to SPD

Published 9:05pm Thursday, January 10, 2013

We would like to congratulate the Selma Police Department on their gain of six new officers to the city police force.

Five young officers, mostly natives of Selma, are all under the age of 25 and there is a bright young energy that will certainly refresh the police department.

One of the six officers is a returning senior officer and we know he will make a difference by bringing experience and expertise to this new addition to the department.

This group of six officers is a sure example of what the police department needs.

Young officers who have the determination and enthusiasm to make a difference in our city as well as experienced officers who will show these young officers the way.

Lately in the council chambers there has been chatter about the possibility of creating a special tax that would go towards the increase in pay for public safety officials like officers for the SPD.

We would like to encourage our city council members and the mayor to continue to proactively pursue avenues such as the half-cent sales tax so that officers can have competitive salaries with surrounding areas.

We are sure that some officers could get better pay elsewhere, but our city has such agreat need for more officers.

The six officers just hired bring the total number of officers in our city up to 54, but the city hopes to one day have somewhere around 65 or 70.

We would love to see that day when around every bend an officer would be driving their patrol car. One day that will be a reality for Selma and with these new officers as well as a proposal on the table for an increased tax to pay them more, we know we are just one step closer to that day.


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