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Published 8:04pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These last few years economically have hit every home in America. Just like a tornado, hurricane or any powerful natural disaster, the recession has blown over homes in trailer parks and even in the swankiest of neighborhoods; the recession has not discriminated against whom it has hit, though the poor have had it worst.

The Selma Animal Shelter and animals in the county are also on the list of those affected by the recession storm.

In Tuesday’s Selma City Council meeting, council members and Mayor George Evans had a comedic debate about whether or not animals go to heaven.

Mayor Evans said he believed that all animals did, while Rev. B.L. Tucker said that animals do not, in fact, have souls.

Of course those involved in this discussion were just joking, but whether or not all dogs go to heaven is irrelevant. We are all charged with taking care of the animals while they are here.

If you know me you know I am not a PETA freak, granola-type who would throw myself in front of a semi to save an animal. However, I am an animal lover and there is certainly one thing I know I can do to help the current state of the Selma Animal Shelter.

I know that besides volunteer hours and donations, there is something I can do for free to help these animals get  better ventilation and better vet care.

I’m going to sound like a telemarketer here but “All it takes is one click everyday.”

Seriously, this website is not a hoax. By visiting The Animal Rescue site and voting once every day we can together as a community win $10,000 for our animal shelter.

The shelter stretches its limited funding as far as possible and our council people, like Susan Keith, are working to make it go even farther.

Also those on the Selma Animal Shelter Board have said that this grant could mean so much for them. With all of the efforts of President Sarah Youngblood and the board, the shelter is working to provide care for one of the most stray-ridden areas in the state.

One click a day could win this for our community (But wait there’s more! Call now for this special TV offer!)

The more this Shelter contest is promoted, the more traffic our shelter could get and more adoptions would be made possible. It seems like there will be positive outcomes even if the $10,000 isn’t won in this contest.

In a recession no one has the thousands that are needed for this shelter, or for that matter other community projects. When you work long hours and weekends it is not easy to give volunteer hours. But here is something we can do to give by just clicking. It costs no money and compared to the hours we spend on Facebook, it will take up no time.

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