Council members think proactively

Published 8:03pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

As Selma residents wait with high hopes for the future of the Selma-Dallas County YMCA to be determined, we commend our city council for taking action on the matter.

The council has placed a proposal of a $1.50 lodging fee increase on all Selma city hotels, which would in turn benefit the Y. If this ordinance passes, the Y would be that much closer to keeping its doors open and continuing its quality service to the people of Selma and Dallas County.

The fee increase, which would be enforced on a per-night, per room basis, would go directly to the city of Selma and the city would then give all of the revenue to the Y through a contract for community development. This tax could potentially bring in an estimated $188,000 for the Y a year. That amount could be just the ticket the Y needs to stay afloat.

This tax would also mostly affect those traveling through Selma, so locals would not be directly affected financially.

With the future of the Y being in limbo, we thank our council members for thinking proactively and brainstorming ideas to keep this vital facility a key player in our community. Without dedicated individuals such as these serving our city, Selma would not be what it is today.

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