Intensifying peace strategies in 2013

Published 10:27pm Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We will intensify our peace strategies in 2013. This means we will continue to seek the right solution and not group solution A or solution B. It also means that we will still engage in meaningful debates and disagree when necessary, for peace is not actually the absence of disagreement; but the presence of love, harmony and unity in meaningful endeavors.

Peace making does not mean being passive in what you have been called to do. Peace makers are objective and strong people; peace makers understand that not everybody in a group situation thinks alike. When all think alike, then no one is actually thinking or analyzing.

True peacemakers are never intimidated when it comes to doing right, for they realize that any plan strategized to mar them usually translates to goodness; that they’re supernaturally empowered to condemn any voice that unfairly rises against them in judgment; and that no force can be against them in veracity, even when it appears so.

Above all, peacemakers know that they are divinely wrapped up by a juggernaut that is superior to anything that the world and its evil schemers possess.

Peace makers also forgive reasonably. When we swallow pride and forgive someone, it dignifies us. It is obvious that in the process of trying to intensify our peace strategies for 2013, some people may call us aligned, nonaligned, unmade up mind, and etc. But the truth of matter, is that we are the strong and correctly aligned because we realize the ramifications of being a peace maker. These ramifications include being called God’s children. We do not advocate for the fire to be ceased temporarily and have momentary effects.

Cease fire occurs when people put down weapons and do not battle for a period of time; when people working against you, give you a momentary break; or when your enemies are asleep.

Amazingly, genuine peace exists when wars are settled to the point that both parties become friends and unwilling to seek factional answers but seek the right solutions. A cold war could be very dangerous to a society; that’s the rationale for settling wars by addressing the issues that led to war and ensure that peace makers stay away from endeavors of revenge, viciousness, hate and maliciousness.

It is, even, a business verity that investors and industrialists prefer to locate and invest in peaceful places. Similarly, successful people surround themselves with peaceful people.

In actuality, true peace will not thrive in the absence of love; a good reason for us all to strengthen our love for each other in 2013.

Remember, prosperous are those who love without demarcation, for they will harvest from the flourishing gardens of diversity; and blessed also are those who have mastered their relationship with others different from them, for they shall see progress. Happy is that school board that loves not only their fraternity, sorority, clannish, or other affiliation, for they shall see harmony.

Actually, what’s needed is not some harmony; but lasting peace which could only come from a “constant factor ‘and not ‘variable factors.’

This Constant factor has, ad infinitum, given me peace in time of known and unknown wars. My personal Bible calls my constant factor Jesus, the Prince of Peace, whose peace is continuous and incomparable to UNO’s and the world’s peace treaties.

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