Drivers needed for visually impaired

Published 12:58am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear Editor,

I want to thank The Selma Times-Journal and staff writer Katie Wood for the great write up in last week’s paper concerning the need for drivers for the visually impaired. For the 10 folks who called wanting to be paid or hired to drive, I also thank you for the calls.

Unfortunately we do not have funding to pay any one to drive. Our hope was to educate folks on the lifestyle of the visually impaired and how they need someone to drive them around and how and individual could start their own business to help folks to get around where they wanted to go for pay.

If V.I.P. could get funded for this service, we would provide the service for free for folks and create jobs in Dallas County. For those of you who think no one reads this newspaper you are wrong because we have had more calls than I thought we would on this topic. People want to work and help other s for pay. That is good and The Selma Times-Journal got the word out for us.

Thanks Times-Journal for a job well done on stories and advertising.


William Bowman

CEO, V.I.P. Organization Inc.

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