Railroad employees are people too

Published 10:33pm Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

Really, perhaps I should address the letter to some of Selma’s residents who act with anger, and some even rage, because of the trains at times blocking Broad Street.

I had the first hand experience recently to see this anger and rage take place with particular emphasis on the way they drove. It was disconcerting since the tracks were open for traffic a mere block away.

Have these people given any thought to the fact it takes a little time to switch cars at the switch yard?

Employees of railroads have families to provide for; there are jobs involved in running a railroad.  People are employed.  Does that mean anything to anyone other than me?  Not to mention the cargo being transported has to timely reach destinations for companies to remain solvent who too have employees depending on them.

I like trains.


Natalie B. Smith


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