Everyone can get on board with new service

Published 10:31pm Friday, January 4, 2013

The city is the midst of a huge transition from a city-run garbage system into one that is privately owned. The city of Selma has made this transition because of many reasons, but one reason is that they feel Advanced Disposal will be more efficient with their funds and also with their garbage routes.

As Mayor George Evans has stated in council meetings multiple times, it will be much more convenient for the city when the garbage company does not take a day off. In recent years with the city running the garbage company, the garbage trucks do not run on holidays when the city offices are closed.

“I can assure you that will not happen when Advanced Disposal takes over the trash routes,” Evans said.

No city employees will lose their job in the transition and Advanced Disposal has agreed to buy all of the city’s current garbage equipment.

We know that there will be some bumps in the road in such a huge transition, but we also know it will take all of us listening to the information being given to help this transition work.

We want to encourage residents of Selma to sign up for garbage service with Advanced Disposal by visiting their website www.advanceddisposal.com and attending one of the public forums about the switch listed on page 3 of the Times-Journal in the calendar.

Everyone must sign up for trash service because the new system is starting from scratch.

The more that the residents learn about the new company, the more that we can all work together for a better and cleaner Selma.

The city council decision to transition the garbage is done so residents should smile, sign up and get on board. Advanced Disposal will be at your driveway picking up your garbage Feb. 1.

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  • Nancy Bennett

    I’m certainly not a technology-guru but I went to advanceddisposal.com and couldn’t find any place to sign up for service. I saw Selma listed in one of their lists of Alabama cities but not on several others. My question now is where can I sign up?

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