Remember to recycle Christmas waste

Published 7:58pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-holidays now, we are urging Selma residents to pick up their trash. Residents could leave their empty boxes on the side of the street, but remember that boxes that display things of value sitting on the curb could be an invitation for theft for someone passing by.

We want to encourage Selmians to recycle any cardboard boxes in the city recycling bins located at Bloch Park, behind Burger King on Highland Avenue and across the street from Washington Street Supermarket.

Have wads of wrapping paper or Christmas cards? Throw those in the paper bins. All the aluminum cans that are in pile can be recycled too.

Also the city is opening the landfill for Christmas tree recycling and also at Four Seasons Garden Center on Cahaba Road. All ornaments and lights must be off of the tree before it can be recycled.

In the words of councilwoman Susan Keith, “Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

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