Time to give thanks in the new year

Published 2:40pm Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On Christmas Eve, I shared my New Year’s resolution with family and encouraged them to embrace it rigidly. We practice this philosophy to an extent; still it’s essential that we improve. Equally, I’m utilizing this piece to encourage my readers to consider adding it to their new year’s resolution.

During the family devotion, we read from the book of John concerning love and I complimented it with the significance of the famous quote of former President John F. Kennedy, “My fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

The first time I heard this quote was from a professor at Troy State University, and since then it has not left me. It is influential but simple to comprehend. I told my family if we can master this quote and form the habit accordingly, we can make ourselves, family and society better.

Everybody has something to offer the next person. It could be just words of encouragement, prayer, cash, influence, power, connection, talent or other. If you see any thing that you can do to alleviate someone’s problem just do it. Most times, you do not have to let the person know you are helping. If you see that telling the person will reduce pressure or pain and instill hope, tell the person but do not claim all the credit if your source of empowerment is heaven.

A child who wants to be successful in life must first learn how to give respect to parents, teachers, adults and friends. When you learn to be humble and respectful, you have greater chances of being successful at most endeavors.

Some people actually believe that you must have money or be rolling in bulky bread before they can be of help. Do a thorough assessment of your self this first month of the year by writing down all gifts, talents, abilities and resources that you have that may benefit the next person and start using it to help without caring much about the dollar benefit and I bet you the dollar or other gains will come probably from an area that you least expect.

In 2012, I hurriedly made my requests known unto God without giving Him thanks, first, for His love; but it is my prayer that in 2013 I will regularly come to Him with thanksgiving before making my request known. By the same token, I pray that I can apply similar methods in 2013 by seeking out more meaningful ways that I can utilize in improving.

You cannot help but love some people in Selma when you come to know some of them really well. They love and help you once they perceive that you’re genuine in your efforts. They’ve helped my family and me, even, when I thought that they were upset with me. While I may not be able to pay them back in the exact manner, I can pray this; May God continue to empower and bless you in 2013. and beyond.

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