Walking program needs, deserves more particiaption

Published 7:50pm Friday, December 21, 2012

Health is a vital part of each of our lives and is always an important topic for us to cover. But with robberies, shootings, store openings and school happenings, we don’t always have the space we’d like to dedicate to an article on our readerships’ well-being. This week we covered a walking program organized by Vaughan Community Health Services called, “Walking Works! Dallas County Schools In Motion,” and we could not be more excited to share the news of what their program does and how it is affecting the lives of area students.

Most people in our area are already aware the Alabama’s obesity levels are not where they should be. Vaughan has created a walking initiative that has students not only excited about getting up and moving, but also excited about sharing that information with their parents, grandparents or guardian.

The hands that shot up in Marcel Bane’s seventh grade exploratory class at Martin Middle School that were eager to share what the walking program has taught them and the things they have learned since starting the program in October, along with the students log of miles walked, show us that there is a generation right here in Selma that are aware of their health and are taking an active role in staying healthy.

This is something we could not be happier about. Your health is something that will be with you for your entire life, and by having programs like the “Walking Works!” we think that our children are headed down a bright path towards their health education and physical activity.

We hope to see the success of this program continue and expand to where more schools will join in and participate next semester.

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