Dear Santa, you always seem to know

Published 7:55pm Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Santa,

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter, which may explain why you forgot to come to my house the last few years. But in case you were wondering — I definitely still believe, and I’m not holding it against you.

Just to give you a quick update, as I’m sure you’ve been super busy this year and may not have had time to monitor my every move, but I’ve graduated from college (meaning I won’t be needing any more dorm room décor) and I’ve moved to from Birmingham to beautiful Selma. And last I just want you to know that I’ve grown up a lot since my last letter I wrote to you. (You probably remember, but in my last letter I asked you for a pair of Birkenstocks — you brought me a pair of Birkenstock look-a-likes that I adored and wore every single day until they broke. I also asked you for surprises, as I had every year before — but that was only because I could never think of what I wanted, but somehow you always seemed to know exactly what I needed.)

So, if you happen to see my name on the Nice List this year, which you should because I’ve been extra good, I’d like to ask you for a few things I’m not sure your elves make at the North Pole. Even if they don’t, I know you’ll try your best as you’ve always brought me what I needed — even when that meant nothing at all.

This year Santa, the people I’ve met in Selma have really made an impression on me. For Christmas I’d like the enthusiasm and vision for Selma that I’ve seen in people like A.C. Reeves at the Real Estate Gallery. Her heart for Selma was apparent from the first time I met her, and I’d love to see some of her vision for revitalizing downtown under my tree this year.

Also, I’d like to have a bit of people like Executive Director for the Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce, Sheryl Smedley’s passion for this town and her way of making people feel important. Santa, every time I see her at an event she makes me feel so welcomed and a true part of the community. I hope to unwrap some of that passion this Christmas to share with the people I meet.

And folks like Bob Kelly, owner of the Tally Ho. He lights up the room with his energy and excitement for both his local business and for Selma. When he told me how he’s proud to wear “Selma gear” when he travels, I thought maybe I’d like to share in some of his pride in our city this Christmas.

So basically Santa, I guess what I’m saying is all I’d like for Christmas this year is to share in the love and vision for our beautiful, historic city of Selma … but if you decide to bring me something big and expensive in addition to the things on my list, I’d totally understand. You always seem to know just what I need.

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