Verizon unveils 4G service to Selma area

Published 8:24pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

Faster speeds and more reliable cellular service is now available in Selma thanks to Verizon Wireless and the launch of their 4G LTE network.

“It’s extremely exciting,” said Jason Love, regional director of cellular sales. “It’s exciting for our frontline sales people, it’s exciting for our customer base. The speeds are so much faster than what everyone is used to.”

Through the launch of the 4G, or fourth generation network, Love said residents can expect faster download speeds along with more reliable network service, especially in rural areas.

“Basically you have no latency anymore,” said Terri Pugh, Verizon Wireless district manager. “There really becomes endless possibilities.”

Selma was one of 470 locations to receive the expanded network in the past months. Pugh said officially the network launch kicked off Thursday, but some residents have been able to access the network before then.

“It’s just amazing speeds and availability for data to able to carry through,” Pugh said of the network. “It’s 10 times faster than before.”

In order to receive the new network, residents must be a Verizon Wireless customer and have a 4G capable device or smart phone.

Pugh said along with remarkable on-the-go service, the new network will offer exceptional home service.

“We also provide what we call ‘home fusion,’ which is 4G speeds for your home and it creates a mobile hotspot within the home,” she said.

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