Two blessings for the price of one

Published 10:16pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

With a fiscal cliff facing U.S. citizens in the new year, budgets for buying Christmas gifts may be a little tighter. Everyone seems to be on the lookout for the best deals, and for good reason. Christmas is the season of giving, and our purse strings our pulled tighter as our hearts open wider. Finding a good cause to give to and a good deal that won’t break the bank has been made easy this season thanks to Integrity Worldwide’s Christmas card campaign.

The non-profit ministry has organized a program where people can donate money — $25, $50, $100 or more for a Christmas card, and the money will be used in one of their many projects in Meto, Kenya. They’ll even pay the postage and mail the card either to the donor if they’d like to add a personal message or directly to the recipient of the gift. Now that’s a good deal for a great cause. With this program they’re essentially helping you knock out your Christmas list and giving two gifts for one price.

Integrity Worldwide Executive Director Alan Hicks Jr. described the cards as a perfect gift to get someone this year. Instead of a boring gift, why not get friends and family a gift that’s blessing someone else this year, he said.

Hicks explained that the money donated will go towards a number of projects in Meto, Kenya Integrity Worldwide is working on including micro credit, school lunches, education or water projects.

“At the first of this year we’ll be building a huge dam right outside of Meto. There are so many families that can’t make it to our well. We’re going to build a huge dam that will catch all of the rainwater. It should last them like six to eight months. It’s an amazing, amazing thing,” Alan said. “I wish I could bring everybody from Selma just to see the area.”

And while we all can’t go to Kenya for Christmas, we could all play a role in blessing the lives of the people who live there, all while checking off our own Christmas lists. We think sending someone a card that says “I’ve donated $50 in your honor to the water projects in Kenya,” would be an amazing gift.

“It’s a cool gift. It’s kind of a cool way to remind kids that it’s good to help other people,” Hicks said. “And it’s kind of like a two-fold thing. A person on one end, they get a gift, and they get to say, ‘wow, I got something that kind of helped somebody else this year.’”

Hicks said that the program is great even for those last minute gift givers, as Integrity Worldwide will be taking orders up to Dec. 22.

To order one or more Christmas cards for a great cause, visit or call the Integrity Worldwide office at 334-322-1201.

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