Council invites guests to help out

Published 11:02pm Friday, December 7, 2012

Although the United States is viewed as “the land of plenty,” in many ways, hunger still remains a problem and Dallas County is no exception.

The Selma City Council is doing its part this holiday season and combating hunger in Dallas County by hosting a canned food drive, which will benefit the Christian Outreach Alliance Food Pantry located at 700 J.L. Chestnut Blvd.

“This is one of the ways that the members of the city council can give back to the community by helping those that are less fortunate,” said ward 1 councilman Cecil Williamson.

All donations can be dropped off at the Selma city council, located in City Hall. Donations will be accepted until Jan. 1.

Angela Benjamin, ward 4 councilmember, said the canned food drive is just one of many city council projects meant to give back to the community.

“This is not a new thing, people have been collecting canned goods since forever,” Benjamin said.  “It’s part of our duty to make sure the wellbeing of the citizens and make sure they’re taken care of.”

According to Feeding Hunger, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, 15.4 percent of rural households are food insecure, an estimated 3 million households. Also, compared to all regions, Feeding America said the South continues to have the highest poverty rate among families with related children living in rural areas.

“This is just a way for the Selma City Council to combat that problem,” council president Corey Bowie said.

Bowie said he hopes everyone in the area contributes to the food drive and helps to make a dent in hunger in Selma and Dallas County.

“Especially around the holidays, this is when people need more,” Benjamin said. “We’re just trying to do our part and help.”

  • popdukes12

    I’m thinking this is the one that is lead my the tall black gentleman that came before the council about a month ago. If it is, this program seems to be on the right track. I would support that gentleman in his efforts. What impressed me was that they did an interview with the person and attempted to provide guidance. Sounds like a great program.

  • Nancy Bennett

    What a blessing this will be for the Christian Outreach Alliance Food Pantry! The organization has been in existence since 1995 and serves citizens of Selma and Dallas County every Thursday except for Thanksgiving week and when Christmas falls on Thursdays. The program is run entirely by volunteers and it is funded strictly by donations, memorials, food drives, grants, etc. Our purchased food products come from the Selma Area Food Bank and a local farmer. We also receive venison from area processors through the Hunters Against Hunger program.

    A sincere thank you, thank you to members of the Selma City Council for thinking of the COA Food Pantry and for offering this most gracious gift . This will certainly be a huge benefit for our clients.

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