James Foster surveys damage done to Old Live Oak Cemetery on Sunday just hours after a car crashed through the stone wall border. Foster’s wife has family plots in the area where the car collided.

Car crashes into Old Live Oak Cemetery wall

Published 7:50pm Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sometime between 10:50 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, a car collided into the wall of Old Live Oak Cemetery located on Dallas Avenue.

The police report regarding the incident indicated there were injuries related to the crash, but the driver’s name was not released.

The Selma Police Department accident report just shows a diagram of the vehicle that struck the wall of the cemetery in between King Street and Parkman Avenue.

“The driver of vehicle one reported that she was traveling west on Dallas Avenue when another vehicle cut her off in traffic and caused her to runoff the road into a brick wall,” the report said.

Police were able to confirm that no alcohol or illegal drugs were involved in the crash.

Mike Pettaway, superintendent of the Selma City Cemetery Department, said he has not yet seen the damage to the wall.

“Right now we are just waiting to hear if the person [who wrecked the vehicle into the wall] has any insurance,” Pettaway said. “Once they say they will cover it, we will get some estimates and see what it costs and put it back up.”

He said as for now, the department isn’t sure of what the damages will cost or who will have to pay for the reconstruction.

James and Glenn Foster arrived at the scene of the crash later on Sunday after the car had already been towed away.

Glenn Foster said six generations of her family lie in the Old Live Oak Cemetery, coincidentally their plots are right in the area where the vehicle collided into the wall.

We had been to the grocery store and I turned around when we saw this,” Glenn Foster said on Sunday. “There is my great great great grandmother, there is my great great grandfather … it didn’t hit their plots but this is my mother right here and I will be buried right here.”

Foster said there was no damage to their family plots other than some dust on the tombstones she will have to clean, and the custodial staff has since cleaned up the bricks that were scattered about. She also mentioned that a situation has happened like this before in the cemetery.

“You can see all along the wall where cars have crashed in here but no one has ever hit right here in this spot,” she said Sunday.

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