Man missing for two weeks in Valley Grande

Published 10:24pm Monday, December 3, 2012

VALLEY GRANDE — Stanley Wayne Painter, 60, of Valley Grande disappeared sometime after Sunday, Nov. 18 when friends and family say they last heard from him. After two weeks, family members say they have not received any phone calls and no money has been withdrawn from his bank account.

Painter’s first cousin, Reeta Pugh, said she is leading the search for Painter and has zero clues so far.


“This whole thing is very bizarre and just not like him,” Pugh said. “He called his mother and his aunt every single day, more than once a day sometimes, and they have not heard from him since that Sunday, Nov. 18.”

Painter left his residence on Big Pine Drive without his dog, his medication and any clothes. Pugh went to his home and found the dog had busted a window trying to escape in Painter’s absence, possibly trying to get to food. Painter did not have a vehicle, cell phone or computer.

“He never leaves for more than a day and he definitely never leaves without his dog,” Pugh said. She explained that earlier this year she tried to persuade Painter to go on an overnight camping trip with the family and he refused. “He said he had to take care of his dog and couldn’t leave the dog by itself,” Pugh said.

She said she has no idea what he could be wearing and he is currently without his medication he takes daily.

“I’m worried something could have happened to him,” Pugh said and added that she worries if someone could have come and picked Painter up and taken him somewhere. “Stanley is not one to go and even spend the night off, much less for two weeks.”

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department said they have entered him into the National Crime Information Center as a missing person and will be looking for any tips that come in about Painter’s disappearance.

“It is currently under investigation,” Sheriff Harris Huffman said Monday. “If anyone has information on him just call the Sheriff’s office, dispatch or Crimestoppers.”

Those with information are encouraged to call Reeta Pugh at 334-312-3463 or Crimestoppers at 1-866-44CRIME.

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