Dallas County Land Transactions for period ending Nov 29:

Published 5:47pm Saturday, December 1, 2012

Michael E Stokes to J P Morgan Chase Bankl, 2509 Kyle Rd, $113,353

Darryl Smith to Quicken Loans Inc, 412 Ivanhoe Drive, $147,450

David M. Huff to Derick Lamar Edwards, 2403 Springdale St.

Derick Lamar Edwards to Home Mortgage of America, 2403 Springdale St, $68,103

Derick Lamar Edwards to Home Mortgage of America, 2403 Springdale St, $2,080

Robert Duane McMasters to Marion Bank and Trust Co, Dallas County, $117,500

Robert Mahan to Clifford Twilley, Dallas Co., $2,000

Ragarao V. Gummadapu to Wanda L Sherrer-Sharpe, 37 Wilkins Rd., $1,919

Wanda L. Sherrer-Sharpe to Prime Lending, 37 Wilkins Rd, $103,981

Euline F. Pugh to Jasper H Pugh, 202 Kings Bend Rd, $500

Jennifer Vann Scott to Terrence Van Wilson Sr, 1131 Union St, $4,000

Brenda Jean Burns to Henry Jemison, Dallas County, $1,454.82

Lori Roberts Jones to Terry L. Hohenberger, 3613 Merrifield Dr, $2,500

Terry L. Hohenberger to Lori Roberts Jones, 3613 Merrifield Dr, $82,500

Daniel C. Clower, III to BankTrust, Dallas County, $125,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Dallas County

Jacqueline Johnson to Robert Shepherd, 46 Town Circle,  $19,500

Anne Davison Lewis to C & B Realty LLC, 48 Riverview, $26,000

Anne Galt Pilcher to John E. Pilcher, Dallas County, $247,000

Jefferson G. Ratcliffe to Pinkie H Platt, 15 Keithway Dr, $247,000

Pinkie H. Platt to Max Credit Union, 15 Keithway Dr

Mildred Young to Mildred Young, 402 Union St, $75,000

Chris M. Johnson to Nivory Gordon Jr, 1218 Doherty Ave, $1,500

Nivory Gordon Jr. to Chris M Johnson, 1218 Doherty Ave, $37,000

Lloyd David Moten to Tena L Moten, 1st Ave, $3,000

Marjorie P. Brooks to Lord’s Tabernacle Church, 811 Minter Ave, $3,000

Eless Brown to USAA Federal Savings Bank, 169 County Rd 69, $25,200

Francis H. Crockard Jr to Red Bluff Properties LLC, $802,850

Alex Tenner Jr. to Danny Pettway, Dallas County, $2,000

Baptist Foundation of Alabama to city of Selma Dallas County, 1107 Church St

Sadie Wilson Johnson to Annie Watts, Dallas County, $26,000

Emma Jane Holmes to Bruce L. Holmes, 613 Lawrence St, $41,400

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