Celebrate Christmas by blessing others

Published 8:28pm Monday, November 26, 2012

For many shoppers, this year Black Friday came earlier and then it was Cyber Monday. These two shopping days were only a sign of what is to come. Throughout the next month, we will see roof tops, homes, and front yards adorned with Christmas decorations and lights. Blowup Santas and reindeer figurines will spread holiday cheer as every store will be filled with Christmas trees, tinsel, and holiday music.

Hints of cinnamon, peppermint, and apple pies will fill the air and Christmas jingles and commercials will bombard the airwaves. And the timeless ringing of bells welcomes donations for the less fortunate.

Although this is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it can also be the most stressful time of the year. Starting with untangling the strands of lights stored from last year and putting up decorations, the stress begins to mount.

As the season begins, many married couples are trying to figure out the best way to celebrate with both families. Some may even dread facing the familiar holiday drama.

There are so many parties to attend and after eating all of those Christmas goodies, once loose clothing may become a little snug causing that familiar New Year’s resolution of shedding those extra pounds. Others are stressed because as this year is coming to an end they realize that they have not accomplished what they intended.

Then there are those of us who wonder if they’ll have a lonely Christmas or missing loved ones who have passed away. And some wonder if there will be enough money to buy gifts or those who have credit cards worry about how they’ll pay off Christmas debt.
For many of us one of our greatest stressors is trying to figure out the perfect Christmas gift to give to the special people in our lives.

Every Christmas I put great thought into each gift; I don’t enjoy the easy way out. I love seeing the faces of my loved ones when they open the gifts I chose specifically with them in mind. I love hearing, “It’s beautiful,” “I can’t believe it,” “I’ve wanted this my entire life,” or “How did you know?”

Although many will receive the gifts of their dreams, we can’t continue to overlook the Gift that makes all dreams possible. Many have tried but have been unable to accurately describe Him; for in Him all things exist.

When God looked at the world He knew that our greatest need was not a car, fine jewelry, or any other expensive gift that will eventually depreciate. But our greatest need was for a Savior.

Even if there is no gift under the tree for you this year, please remember that Christmas is really all about celebrating the birth of Christ. We are to bring gifts to Him. So, this Christmas why not honor Christ by making happen for others what we desire to happen for us. Be a blessing to someone and have a wonderful Christmas.

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