Retailers prepare for first Sunday of alcohol sales

Published 8:24pm Friday, November 16, 2012

Nearly two weeks have passed since the Nov. 6 election when more than 65 percent of Dallas County residents voted in favor of the controversial Sunday alcohol sales referendum. The legal sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages by properly licensed retail licensees went into effect immediately after the Dallas County Commission adopted the vote on Nov. 14, meaning this Sunday will be the first Sunday alcohol will be legally sold in Dallas County.

“I’m thinking the first Sunday will be the big Sunday, because everybody in the town’s so excited,” Mike Patel, owner of Johnny’s Package Store on U.S. Highway 80 said. “I’m expecting big sales this Sunday.”

Patel said he bought extra stock in order to prepare for the crowd he expects this Sunday.

“We did [purchase] extra because there is one extra day. We stocked one day extra in inventory like beer and liquor just to prepare for Sunday,” he said. “At least 20 people call a day and ask, ‘Are you going to be open this Sunday?’ A lot of people call in, lot of people asking [about it], lot of people asking what time [we’ll be open], so I guess it’ll be a good Sunday.”

Patel said he plans to open his store from noon to 6 p.m.

The Vineyard on Water Avenue is also ready to uncork on the first Sunday of alcohol sales.

“We’ll be selling on Sunday,” Ruth Lee, manager of the Vineyard said. “I’m anticipating people coming in and drinking wine and having a good time.”

Lee said she thinks people will be excited about the first Sunday sales.

Mark’s Mart is not only looking forward to the first Sunday of alcohol sales, but they’re looking ahead to the December holidays that land on Sundays.

“The 23rd of December is on a Sunday this year and that’s a really big day for us, so that was good,” Mark’s Mart employee Andrew Slagel said.

Slagel pointed out the day before New Years Eve is also on a Sunday this year, which he said is another a great day for alcohol sales.

“Those are both big days for us,” Slagel said. “We have a big selection for the holiday’s coming up.”

Along with their usual sales, Mark’s Mart will be selling beer and wine Sundays from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

According to the Dallas County Commission ordinance, alcohol can be sold and dispensed within the county on Sunday between noon and 9:30 p.m. and on those Sundays on which occurs New Year’s Eve after noon.

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