Regardless of election, we know who wins in the end

Published 8:23pm Friday, November 16, 2012

About the only salvation to the 2012 Election, is that it is over. As disappointing as it was, a lot should be learned from it. The political pundits and talking heads have all weighed in on what went wrong for the Republicans. Some are suggesting Republicans need to retool and even embrace some of the left’s positions to which I take exception. If anything, Republicans need to further separate themselves from the ideology supported by the Democrats. It will fail and do so miserably.

To all of the Sunday morning quarterbacks who would suggest Republicans abandon their morals and principles, I say hogwash. You stand on ideology and principles, and when you tire of standing, you stand some more. There is no compromising morals and integrity under any circumstance, even at the prospects of never electing another president. “Not having a moral core is the liberal definition of freedom.” (Unknown)

Perhaps Romney was too moderate or too vaguely conservative. In my opinion, he didn’t explain his positions plainly enough or go after Obama strongly enough after the first debate. In politics when you get a man down, you kick him. Romney is too nice a person to kick anyone, therefore he lost.

Some evangelical Christians used Romney’s Mormonism to stay away from the polls. They were apparently too idealistic to realize how unwise it was to not vote at all. The same could be said about the Libertarians who never got over Ron Paul not being the nominee. However, all of the excuses in the world will not account for the electorate’s decision to embrace four more years of statism, unemployment, failure and debt. It lies in the electorate itself. You need only look at the demographics of the vote to better understand just what happened.

Republicans would do well to remain stalwarts in its embrace of fiscal responsibility, family values, personal responsibility, and being strong economically in order to be strong militarily. They need to remain committed to debt reduction, limited government and a vibrant free market system that encourages and supports entrepreneurship. Without coming to grips with the debt problems, all citizens and non-citizens will be victims of deprivation.

Someone has to come forward to save our country and convince enough voters of the destructive path being followed. Voters need to understand the grave consequences of continuing this madness. It will only result in more suffering for them, their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

As Christians, we should hold to the ideals and principles taught in God’s Holy Word regardless to who occupies the White House. We know how the Book ends. Let them celebrate the political win, because we know who ultimately wins.

  • acourtland

    Listen. What happened to the Republican Party is what I predicted back in 2010 when the Tea Party Republicans won the mid term elections (see my comments i. The STJ 2010). The party became more ideological and radical than ever before and the party imploded. In addition, the party elected the weakest candidate from a weak pool of contenders. And news flash James. Republicans aren’t the only ones who believe in family values, personal responsibility and the like. And your last statement was offensive. God is the author of everything, and His will was done on the sixth. And as a Christian, we must let others see our actions as Christ-like, not our words, and to call God’s will “madness” is an example. Furthermore, I shutter at the thought of “President Romney”. In fact, he reminds me of Nixon. And we know how that turned out. Now we must all support our President, and continue to get this country back on track. Can you imagine where we would be without the Republican headwind? One more thing. Where the heck was the Tea Party during the election?

    Finally, if the Republican Party wants to be relevant again, it must widen its tent. If one looks at the election, you’ll see that the President got a substantial number of the white vote. But he also got the majority of the other ethnic groups’ vote in order to win. And for Independent voters like me, I knew where the President stood on each issue. Some I agreed with and some I did not. I can’t say the same for Romney. In fact, when he did take stance, he was wrong each time (automobile bailout, FEMA, etc…).

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