The members of the Dallas County Commission were given the oath of office Wednesday by Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard. Each of the four members of the commission — along with Ballard — were re-elected. Ballard, who is elected to a six-year term will be sworn in for his new term in January.

Entire commission returns for new term

Published 7:54pm Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Dallas County Commission stepped forward with reassurance and camaraderie Wednesday as it began its next term, which includes all four returning commission members.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard said he couldn’t be happier to see all four commission members return for another term.

“The mood of the meeting was just very moving and genuine,” Ballard said. “I could not pick a more harmonious commission to work with.”

In the general election, commissioner Connel Towns was the only commissioner who faced opposition, and Ballard said this speaks volumes of the commission.

“And he won with an overwhelming majority,” Ballard said of Towns. “It just shows these guys are doing a great job and the county seems to think so too.”

Looking back on the commission’s most recent term, Ballard said there are many things he is proud of. A balanced budget, the initiation of several projects and the passage of many amendments are some of the things the commission accomplished in the past year.

“We’ve also had numerous road projects and have all been involved in recruiting new industry to the area on a daily basis,” Ballard said. “This commission has handled your dollars very, very well.”

Each commissioner also expressed their gratitude for being elected to serve another term.

Commissioner Larry Nickles said he feels “blessed to be a part of this great group.”

“It’s great to have the team still together,” Nickles said of his feelings of serving another term with the commission.

“Everyone that was re-elected is ready to serve another term,” Ballard said. “These guys have done a great job. I just can’t say enough about them.”

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