Food pantry crisis needs our help

Published 10:14pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween has passed which means every department store across our nation, at least it feels like it, took down all of the pumpkins and scarecrows and candy corn in a hot minute. Oddly in that same minute, Walmarts and Dollar Generals strung up Christmas lights and put up bows and ribbons. Christmas music playing on the radio seems like it begins earlier every year so after every station has taken the Michael Jackson “Thriller” album out of the mix, they will now switch to a “Time Life Classic.”

But there is one other thing that feels like it comes around quickly, and that is the season for giving. Unlike celebrating Christmas, the season of giving encompasses Thanksgiving as well as the winter holidays.

That is why we were sad to report in this edition that the Selma Area Food Bank is running extremely short on supplies. Their shelves are barren and empty.

According to organizers they get canned good donations — and they are not asking for those to stop by any means — but monetary donations would be even more helpful. They have high utility bills because of their large walk-in freezer and cooler. Many people may refrain from donating money because they want their donation to go toward food and not the bills, but realize that helping in this area is still helping the food bank.

Money goes further than food donations because the food bank can actually purchase more for less.

Now that the season of giving has begun, we know you will be pulled in different directions for where to give, but please consider the Selma Area Food Bank which serves our city when giving out of love this year.

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